Curly Cravings – Maggevala , a young and ambitious brand is one of the fastest growing food chains in India. We pioneer in delivering hand-crafted food to people. By serving the usual maggi noodles with a twist, we are loved by people of all age groups.

We have become a leading player in the fast-food industry because we are a customer-centric brand that understands the needs of people and delivers every time. Our competitive edge lies in creating unique and innovate flavors of noodles that savor the taste buds of thousands.

A young brand serves innovative flavors and tempting beverages to its patrons with a solid foundation will always love to grab the opportunity of having remarkable platform. Our brand is well-known and enjoys goodwill among people because of its good food and dedicated service.

Today, Maggevala – Curly Cravings has four outlets in Chennai, Our Vision is to be present Globally and tickle every tongue with our unique taste of our touch.

Experience in dealing with leading companies made my vision strong towards CURLY CRAVINGS MAGGEVALA. My complete Focus on punctual SOP, exceptional customer satisfaction & keen watch on productivity will take Curly Cravings globally.

Anil Kumar